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Enabling ActiveX Controls
(Please review before calling in for support)

To view your DVR remotely through the internet web interface, you must properly set your ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer.

First - Make sure you are not connected to or ar tying to connect to the DVR! Close the Browser and open a new one if you have to.

In your Internet Explorer browser, select the Tools drop-down menu above, and choose Internet Options. Choose the Security tab in the corresponding pop-up window that comes up.

Now click on the Custom Level button at the bottom of the Internet Options window. Scroll down until you see ActiveX controls and Settings, and apply the following changes:

Follow the image below for the correct ActiveX Settings. (The settings as shown does not make your system more vulnerable, but maximizes your browser's security, while putting the choice of operation in your hands on a case-per-case basis.)
NOTE: These settings reflect versions 6-11 of Internet Explorer. Depending upon your version of IE, your controls may not follow exactly the same order or have all the options shown below -- Just make sure those you do have match what is shown.

Once you are finished, Click OK, and then return to your browser by clicking OK again.

Close your Browser and open a new one. You should now be able to install any ActiveX controls needed to run any DVR remote software.

Be sure to accept any requests for software installation after typing your DVR address into the browser address bar. There may be several controls to install.


If you are still having trouble viewing your cameras, you may need to adjust your Compatibility Settings.

Now reload the page and install any ActiveX plugins requested.

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